Wanting more daddy dom time

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Wanting more daddy dom time

Postby Pocketflower95 » 11 months ago

Hi, you guys!
I just wanted to know how to cope with daddies being obsessed , well.....stuck on video games while I'm there. We've recently been out of the same house, and I'm getting....deprived....I don't know. Ant advice?

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Re: Wanting more daddy time

Postby littlebuttercup_ » 11 months ago

Use your charm! Wiggle ur bum infront of the tv, lay over his lap as you would for a spankong. Be extra adorable and he won't be focused on video games. <3

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LittleAshley supporty
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Re: Wanting more daddy time

Postby LittleAshley supporty » 11 months ago

talk with him, explain how you feel, it's important he knows how you're feeling, communication as with any relationship is key, but its EXTREMELY important in a DD/LG relationship, far more than normal.
Rawr! I am a dinosnore! :D hehe

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