A little who is a virgin.

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A little who is a virgin.

Postby ChocolateLittle » 11 months ago

Hi, I'm new to the little lifestyle (although I have felt like I little since I was 16) I know this is something I want but I'm a virgin.
having said that, I don't know if a potential daddy would still like me even though I am inexperienced sensually.
I know being a little isn't all about the kink of calling one 'Little one, babygirl, my little girl' / 'Daddy, Sir, Mister' and sensual relations. I know there is more to it than that. But should I wait til I have lost my virginity to look for my daddy? (even though, If I found the right daddy and I felt comfortable enough, I would lose it to him)

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Re: A little who is a virgin.

Postby neonstarz » 10 months ago

I still identify as a virgin, though I guess technically I'm not. Anyway, my Daddy still loves me and is more than happy to teach me new things sensually. It's all up to you, but if you feel you're ready to start looking for a Daddy, go for it! In my opinion, once you find the right man he won't care how much experience you've had. :)

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Re: A little who is a virgin.

Postby nrrazle » 10 months ago

I see nothing wrong with that. The DDLG dynamic can be on any point of the spectrum - from completely sensual to completely not. So it depends on what kind of relationship you and your partner would enjoy best. Having said that I don't think being sensually experienced or inexperienced should deter any caregiver from approaching you. In reality I think it would be bad if that were the case. So if you want to partake in the dynamic - there's nothing stopping you. Just be informed and stay safe before indulging into it.

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Re: A little who is a virgin.

Postby hislittlesub » 10 months ago

I personally think that gives you an advantage because your innocence is more genuine when it comes to sensual matters. That being said, be EXTRA sure to communicate effectively with your Daddy Dom and good luck! :)
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