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ABDL Adult Diaper Boundaries

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ABDL Adult Diaper Boundaries

Postby BBLAIR37 » 1 year ago

As a daddy, I am confused as to when I am allowed to make sure my little is diapered. Should I have the authority to diaper her in public? Or if she's uncomfortable is it her call? Also I'm new to this site.

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Re: Diaper Boundaries

Postby LittleDoveBlue » 1 year ago

If your little is uncomfortable with something it is ALWAYS their call. That's why at the beginning of a relationship its important to discuss, and have these types of boundaries preset so that when they come up, you already know how to handle them.

Going with that, if your little says at the start that they're okay with something, but then one day they say that theyre not up for it. Font just punish your little and make them do it, but also talk with them and find out where the change has come from and why they dont want to.

Also, welcome to the site! I hope you find what you're looking for here.

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Re: Diaper Boundaries

Postby Daddyslove4you » 1 year ago

Very well said, LittleDoveBlue. When taking your DDlg lifestyle in public, you want to make sure that both Daddy and his Little feels comfortable with any acts/expressions of love, Establish your boundaries in the beginning, but always keep in mind that they can change at any time, and there is nothing wrong with that. :)

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