Any spoonie littles?

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Re: Any spoonie littles?

Postby Beckettt » 2 months ago

I'm chronically ill too low spoon days are the worst I just curl up with a blanket, a stuffie, and watch the office

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Re: Any spoonie littles?

Postby sissybabyscarlet » 1 month ago

I have ptsd, major depressive disorder, and acute anxiety disorder with agoraphobia. :( Sometimes I wonder if it's appropriative of me to use spoon theory in regards to my illnesses but I am disabled because of them and have spent about 95% of the last year and a half in bed, in my bedroom because of it.

I hope it's okay that I use spoon theory to help relate to my illnesses. :/

But yea. Very few spoons in a long long time. :'(

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Re: Any spoonie littles?

Postby littleryry » 1 month ago

Between chronic injuries, Lyme, and several compounding mental health issues, I always seem to be borrowing against tomorrow. Never heard of the spoon theory before, but it made so many things 'click' so to speak. Words I hadn't been able to find, and it's so relatable. I'm always up for friends.

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