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LDR Rules for DDlg (Long Distance Relationship Rules for Daddy Dom littles)

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LDR Rules for DDlg (Long Distance Relationship Rules for Daddy Dom littles)

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

What are some rules that you have for your little or from your Daddy (or Mommy) that you have to follow even though you are long distance?

Daddy and I may become long distance soon and we want to make sure that I'm still being taken care of as much as possible. So far, I'm thinking some of these might be good to implement:
  • A set bedtime
  • Meal planning for the week
  • Good morning / Good night texts or contact
  • Visually (webcam) checking in (probably through Skype) once a week as a relationship 'date'

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Re: LDR Rules for DDlg (Long Distance Relationship Rules for Daddy Dom littles)

Postby Daddybear » 1 year ago

My princess and I are long distance (she's in the US and I'm in the UK) so we've been relying on a lot of the things you mentioned.

One of the things we adjusted because of the time-zone difference was moving her bedtime slightly later than we might have, to give us a chance to chat for an hour or so most nights. We eventually also moved away from email since it felt too slow to maintain a conversation, and the traditional messaging programmes had their issues too, so we tried out a couples app called Avocado, which has been great; it's a private IM with shared calendar and gallery and has some neat features like sending kisses and hugs on photos to one another. It's not without its problems but has been good for us.

Skype is important, we try to skype for at least one long call a week, with as many small calls as we can schedule in. We also schedule 'scenes' every so often, and kitten knows if she ever has a nightmare or panic attack she's to skype Daddy awake no matter what so I can be there with her - often-times just that presence is enough to help.

It's a little expensive but if you share a sensual relationship I recommend the WeVibe vibrator. It's a clitoral and G-spot vibrator that connects to a smartphone app that allows your partner to completely control the level and patterns of the vibrations. It's a great way to tease her and gently force her to climax a few times before the battery needs charging.

We also try to send physical packages as often as we can, even if only a note or drawing, or some small thing I saw at the store that was too cute not to get her. International postage on parcels is very expensive so we only send larger gifts on special occasions (such as our birthdays/xmas).

The thing I'd stress more than anything is keep communicating, never stop. It can be difficult for both of you, but it's incredibly fulfilling and I believe has brought us closer together than ever.

I wish you and your Daddy well.


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