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Postby Rosetta supporty » 1 year ago

Come join Mr. and Mrs. Keepa on our epic adventures in Ciambella, our very own world located in Creativerse!


This is a world where you can play around, discover new things, turn wildlife into cute pets or battle them and get their loots!
You also get to build absolutely anything you can imagine!

Vast forests, deserts, snowy wastelands,.. it is ALL there and more :)

I have been playing this game for a while now, and every single new update this game provided during the past months has been a serious good improvement to an already really great game.

How To:
If you don't have Steam yet, you should download it. It is a platform where you can log in and then find a bunch of games to play, as well as connect with your fellow gaming-friends.

After this, click on the Store tab (don't worry the game is absolutely free), and in the searchbar, type "Creativerse"
Then, download the game. (steam does everything for you, handy! So just wait until Steam tells you you can now play the game.)
Once in the main menu of the game, you should go to your Settings (a little yellow button in the corner with a settings wheel)
And there, give your character a name and gender.

After this, you can go back to the main game menu and type in the Creativerse search bar "ciambella". That's our world!
Click on it, and it should load and you will enter soon :)

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