My Oh My Introduction!

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My Oh My Introduction!

Postby Gingercat » 9 months ago

Well hello I don't know who I'm talking to buuutttt... Hi ! I'm Tasha no that's not my real name but it's not a generic name so I rather not post it. I'm new to the community and want to learn and share with like minded people. I like typical things like drawing, superheros and Disney movies. But there is other things I like too like reading, driving, coffee, laughing with my friends and just being goofy and fun loving. I'm amazingly shy it can be pretty unbearable anxiety is a thing to but on the other side of it I can be outgoing loving and caring sooooooooooo I guess this is good I don't lol I did have a play by play guide of what to type soo bye ? :D :lol: :? :twisted: :roll:

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