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....Are you a secret little?

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....Are you a secret little?

Postby lovelylove1820 » 1 year ago

Hi! I'm new here!!! I need help
I know I like being a little, I'm still figuring everything out but I have a problem
I have a boyfriend, who I love and he gives me butterfly's and I can't see my life with out him.... But he doesn't like the whole daddy thing. He is newly into the whole sensual thing and he wanted to try being called daddy which I was excited about. He hates it. He has no idea I want to be a little and he doesn't know about how I want to act

Can anyone give me advice? I need help figuring out little things and the different kind of littles. I don't know where to start! Will someone help me?


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Re: ....Are you a secret little?

Postby chubbybunny » 1 year ago

Have you considered names other than "Daddy" to call him that may make him more comfortable?

In the end it's about having a solid, loving Caregiver instead of just a certain title to things.

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