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Well, Hurrow~!

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Well, Hurrow~!

Postby AdmiralWaffle81 » 1 year ago

HI! My name is Cody and I'm new to the whole DD/lg dynamic/relationship. My little and I have just gotten into it about a week ago, after she decided to call me "Daddy". :shock: She was looking into BDSM things and we found the DD/lg dynamic and sort of adopted it. Anyways enough about that (For now)

I am 18 years old, going on 19 in a few days. Currently, I am still going to school, but writing this from the comfort of a hotel room. For I am on a trip away from campus with my family. My favorite thing in the world is....CAKE! Probably odd for someone dominant to like something to sweet and....DELICIOUS! I currently reside within Canada's borders :lol:. I'm usually not this open but whatever I suppose.

If anyone wants to say Hi or give this noob some advice, then feel free, I don't bite :D not usually anyways.

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