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Little things for littles

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Little things for littles

Postby elizabeth9713 » 1 year ago

In my opinion, littles are quite easy in terms of shopping. The 99c store or dollar tree has sippys, blanket, crowns, colouring books, markers, coloured pencils, crayons, toys, even stuffies. The also has healthy snacks and sugary snacks, ice cream, popsicles, crackers etc.

Even nonmaterialistic things are easy for littles- it could be as small as asking about our days, tucking us in, cuddling, or telling us "good job" "good girl" etc.

My favourites though are animals. Zoos and aquariums, but sometimes that can get expensive, so an easier way is to go to a pet store or look at animal videos online.

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Re: Little things for littles

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

I think littles are SUPER easy to make happy. You don't have to go and buy us $500 pairs of shoes and dumb things like that, though I am sure some littles do like that stuff we get joy out of anything as long as it is from our partner. I have gotten some very high value presents from mine that are worth a lot more than 10 pairs of those shoes but still, I think I am happier when I get the free gifts more then the ones that cost because I know they come only from his heart :) No money can buy the feeling you get from them.

Shower Hugs! We always shower together every night and just before we are done I always get a shower hug from behind for at least 5 Mississippi's (real unit of measurement for littles) :luff:
Tracing little circles on my back while I cuddle up
Petting my hair
Telling me he will be home in an hour and then show up 5 minutes later
Forehead kisses
Big playful hugs where he refuses to let go
Piggyback rides
Butt massage
:paddled: :smack:
Bringing me my blankey or stuffie if I have forgot
Snugs while we drive, I always lean over and hold his arm
Red light kisses! We came up with a game that when ever we get stopped by a red light I get a kiss.

Small Cost under $5
little stuffies from the dollar store
Coloring books
Goldfish crackers
Ice cream when we are out
Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Tea
Happy Meal at McDonalds
Nail polish
Lip chap that has a fun flavor
Favorite Juice/soda/slurpee
PASTRY! I can't even explain how excited I get when he brings me a pastry or a dondon (donut)
Getting to pick 5cent candies at 7-11

Moderate Cost $10-$20
Movie at the theatre
Trip to the Zoo
New cute undies
(cant really think of much else since I personally like the free items much better)
Fuzzy Blankeys
Going out for dessert

Higher Cost $25-$50
Spa treatments like manicures/pedicures/nails/eyebrows done
New outfit
Dinner at a restaurant

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