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Overweight Littles and Building Confidence

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Overweight Littles and Building Confidence

Postby MermaidhairBR » 1 year ago

HI! so i was just trying to see what other fluffy littles do to get their confidence up, my daddy loves my body and i do too! But when i see these tiny ity bity adorable little, i immediately want to go out and get cute stuff from target or wherever it is that i see these cute things and half the time they just dont fit....any suggestions on where to get fluffy little clothes and stuff?? thank you! ive looked and just the stuff ive found is no bueno! *muah*

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Re: Overweight Littles and Building Confidence

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

Awe I know how you feel muffin! I am a fluffy little too!! I found good luck with places like Winners/Mashalls/Walmart. The sad thing is with how bad child obesity is there are now a lot more adult sizes for kids clothes so its a Win for US! What kind of clothes are you looking for? I have used LACE.CA before their prices are great and they have a curvy section with lots of great items. They also have a promo right now if you enter MADNESS in the promo code you get 25% off and the prices are already cheap! Also their sizing chart is very accurate if you do your measurements. Try and stay away from Ebay/ and those kind of sites where it is all just cheaply made asain goods which run extremely small. I bought a jacket and selected 4XL based on the sizing chart and it fits my friend who is a size 6.

Hope this helps doll :)

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