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Postby pumpkinmuffinn » 1 year ago

Hiii! I'm Lacy, and my little age is around five. I live with my Daddy in Pennsylvania, and we've been together for a little over two years. I've been active in the littles community in our area for almost a year, and I love it. I'm lucky enough to live around a few regular groups--the NEPA littles, the LLAMA munchies, DC littles... And there are other events in this area and within a few hours' driving... TeddyCon in Allentown, PA, and Littles Invasion in CT. I've sort of adopted myself a little family from those groups...

The little in me loves glitter, tutus, Pooh Bear, dresses, pigtail braids, goats, dogs, cats, snuggles, tea parties, ball pits, giant stuffed animals, and my Daddy. And a ton of other things. When I find something I love, I like to tell other people so they can experience it too. I have a bit of a sippy cup and little dishes obsession... At my last count, I had 63 cuppies, 17 plates, 8 bowls, and 20 fork/spoon sets. I feel particularly little eating with little utensils, and they're so cuuuuute.

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