Hello everyone :)

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Hello everyone :)

Postby LittleAugust » 9 months ago

My name is August! I am a new-ish Little. I've been searching for a place to find new little friends for awhile now... And I guess I've found the right place hehe! I suppose now is the best time to introduce myself :)

I am August! I am 19 years old; my Little age is 6 or 7 years old. I live with my Daddy out in the wooded country area of Texas! My Daddy is a chef at a fancy restaurant, and I am going to college! I have two puppies and one kitty that keep me company while Daddy is away at work. Not to mention, I have three stuffies and one dolly! So I am never bored or lonely while Daddy is away, for the most part :P
If I had to pick my favorite stuffie it would be Horus; he is a giant blue rino with rainbow colored eyes!! He is the best!
My favorite snacks are cheesy whales! They are these crackers that are alot like gold fishies.... but they look like whales! I think they are the most cutest snack I have ever seen in my entire life!
One of my favorite places to play is at the river. It is always so fun to climb all over the rocks! The best thing to do at the river is to take your shoes off and splash around in the cold water! Of course I cant go there without Daddy, it is way too dangerous to climb around without someone watching out for me. So when I cant go to the river, I usually play with my puppies, kitty, and stuffies. My favorite movie of all time is a cross between Mulan, Nightmare before Christmas, and The Cat in Paris!

I have not told any of my family or friends about me being a Little; I'm just a little worried about doing something like that and what might happen. I am a Little for the most part of my day; but there are sometimes when I can't be Little Me... and those times I really dont like. :/

I really hope to find some Little Friends here :) other little boys and girls I can talk to! Share cute and cool stuff with :3
Well.... I hope that was a good intro hehe!
I cant wait to meet new friends!!

~Love, Little August! <3 :)
~Love, August :luff:

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Re: Hello everyone :)

Postby princessrachel » 8 months ago

Hello August(: my names Rachel and i have also recently joined looking for more little friends! You can message me if you wanna talk whenever i love meting people :D

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