Introduction of Ruben (daddy4babygirl)

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Introduction of Ruben (daddy4babygirl)

Postby daddy4babygirl » 9 months ago


I joined this site to see if i can find my adorable baby princess:)
(since this is the introduction page with certain rules, i wont get into details about that. can check in the forum to find more about me:)

So what to say about myself?
- Rule "nothing personal"... hmmm
- Rule "no match-making" or any info on why i am here... hmmm.... not making this easy;)

I assume i cant write my qualities either then;)

Well anyway:
I am 35 years old.
(i feel like i hold 300yr of knowledge, 5000 yr of wisdom, 30-40 years bio, and inner-heart beats like 25ish, and at the same time i am very playful (youthfull:)
I live in Norway currently.

I joined this site, because i wanted to find the right girl for me:)
I chose a ddlg site, because vanilla does not full my need to give a lot of love. and also my need to give structure, and i like to have control. (daddydom fits me perfectly).
I am very attractive to the cute, feminine. so that is another reason:)

I am a Gemini, and kinda an introvert (but at the same time i do not discharge energy in crowds, i just much more prefer 1-on-1:)
(i guess it has something to do with the duality of a Gemini). I value 1-on-1 time:)
Also able to understand things from my own view, but still be able to zoom out to see things from a macro level, and even zoom into others standings to see things from their view. (does not mean i necesary will agree, but i have the skill to be able to analyze things from many views). my own views are usually made up by analyzing thouroughly, so not something i have just "suddenly" decided:)

Other things about me:
I am proud of:
- My values (i have very strong values, and that is something i take great pride in. but often i feel like i am a dying race:(
So yes i do feel offended when someone disrespect my values (or "throw me into the mix of the general population" of what values goes). because i am a honorable person through and through:) (and besides if a superpretty girl was called mainstream, she would not liked that either).

I never cheat, i dont lie (unless it was to protect my family etc), i take marriage sacred, and will take great pride in being a husband one day, and will take great pride in being a "daddy").
And i would rather die with honor, then betray my own values. (if i started to brake my own values, that would be like stabbing myself. not something i will do. our personalities are made up of those choices we take. and values are choices i have decided to stand by).

- My intelligent. I am very smart and intelligent. And can usually take good decisions because of it.

- My personality:)
Smart, kind, caring, loving, affectionate, lojal, honest, understanding, emphaty, witty, sarcastic, and alot of other traits:)
(although my sarcastic tone i know can be a little bit sharp, so that i will apologize beforehand if i offend anyone. i _never_ sarcasticly tease anyone out of meanness!. (only a playfull behaviour).
And yes i smile (and joke) a lot in real life also:)

Anything more about me? (without feeling like a personal ad;)
Just ask, and i will try to answer:)
Can otherwise look at my profile if want to get in touch with me.

I think the ddlg dynamic is the most beautiful relationship dynamic that exists. It is a dynamic where both can build a very deep connection with eachother (on a deep mindful way. based on trust, unselfish love and affection).

So that is basicly why i am here:) and a little bit about who i am and what is important to me:)

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Re: Introduction of Ruben (daddy4babygirl)

Postby plsxdaddy » 9 months ago

hewwo :3

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