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Favorite qualities about Littles

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Favorite qualities about Littles

Postby princess_rachel_ » 1 year ago

I am very new to being a Little and I want to be the best Little I can be! I want to make my future Daddy Dom very happy, so I was wondering, for all you Daddies out there, what are your favorite qualities about a Little?

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Re: Favorite qualities about Littles

Postby LittleDoveBlue » 1 year ago

Hiya, totally not a Caregiver, but I thought I'd mention, bf you get all your advice, that you're already a perfect little. And there is no one true way to be little. Even those parts of you you may worry aren't little enough, or even //too little, I promise are perfectly okay.

Sorry, I just wanted to male sure you knew that if something suggested doesn't fit into your personality that you dont have to force yourself into that to be a good little.

Common things like being perfectly behaved, watching kiddie shows or even colouring may not be part of you, and that's okay. There are plenty of great CGs that will love you for the cutie pie that you are

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Re: Favorite qualities about Littles

Postby kitten--tea » 1 year ago

Hey. Just now looking into being a caregiver or mommy. But personally I love when littles need attention 24/7 I find it adorable. I love when they know what they want. And when they're a little bratty. :)

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Re: Favorite qualities about Littles

Postby Yittleswitch87 » 11 months ago

The aspect that u can actually talk to them. And their more of a challenge and its fun.

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