Hello all! I'm Casey!

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Hello all! I'm Casey!

Postby Littleowlcasey » 8 months ago

Hi evewybody!! My name is Casey and I'm sooo excited to make fwiends hewe!!! I'm 20, grey-asexual, panwomantic, and twansgendew! I love colowing an goin to the pawk! I like stuffies an cookies an I'm an LGBTQ+ advocate at my college! I'm studying spanish so evewyone should talk to me if they awe studyin spanish too! I also like ballet and wainy weathew and puwple lipstick an singin!!! ummmm... das all!!! :stuffie: byeee!

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Re: Hello all! I'm Casey!

Postby Awinita » 8 months ago

Hello Casey, nice to meet you :) I'm a grey-ace too, pans-aesthetic but lithro/frayromantic. (If you want to know what it means feel free to message me) I like stuffies too but at the minute I only have one bear who I named Benjie :stuffie:
-Love from Sam and Benjie :stuffie:

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