Hello Friends!

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Hello Friends!

Postby princessrachel » 9 months ago

Hello everyone! I'm new to this website (as of today :lol:) and i would just like to talk to some people and i love making friends ::3:

heres a bit about me:
-I currently attend school in Tennessee
-only very few of my friends know i'm a little
-my daddy is a year older than me
-im studying english to become a writer :read:
-my little age is three :pacy:
-i love kitties and ferrets
-i use she/they pronouns ::3:
-i use too many emojis :lol:
-i still live with my parents
-im planning on moving in with my daddy soon and really close to my best friend in California :hugs:
-i smoke
-i want to have kids some day
-im pro-life :yes:
-im a feminist :yes:
-i love anime and manga :<3:
-i will talk about anime literally 24/7 if im not stopped
-i probably annoy my daddy with it but oh well
-i only have one little boy friend :paci:
-i love old records too
-i love horror movies :devil:
-i love hugs :luff:
-im diagnosed medically with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and i'm on medicine for them

But enough about me! :lol: don't be shy and dont forget to take care of yourself :remind:

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