When did you first know you liked ageplay?

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When did you first know you liked ageplay?

Postby Magnus » 8 months ago

So I've been pondering... How many people into the whole ageplay thing, regardless of which side you're on, when was the very first time you actually were introduced to the concept? Like did a friend tell you? Heard it in a video? Read it in a post? Saw a picture? And how long after the initial time did you realize you were "into" it? This is kinda for littles/cgs and everyone else pretty much. Would love to know! :fight:

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Re: When did you first know?

Postby Dollie » 8 months ago

My first encounter with the dd/lg scene was when I stumbled across a littlespace blog. My first initial reaction was "that's... strange", because I had never seen anything like it before. I did little research on it and I forgot about it. Several weeks later when my friend jokingly called her boyfriend "daddy", which reminded me of the blog. It was in that moment where my curiosity and interest spiked and I looked up "DD/LG" again, and I realized how much the idea of being "Little" appealed to me. I took small steps into the community, making my OWN littlespace blog, meeting other littles and caregivers, and buying stuff for my little side, and here I am!
I noticed you didn't mention your own story, Magnus. May I ask how you discovered CG/L?

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Re: When did you first know?

Postby purplebunny » 8 months ago

I first knew a few years back ago from a friend, I don't much really remember the conversation but I do remember she told me about how her girlfriend at the time let her have a play time and would help watch her during this time.

The second time I encountered it was on Tumblr, I was scrolling through and followed a blog that was a mix of many but also DDLG so I checked it out and was interested by what I read, so I started searching DDLG on wattpad to read stories and that's how I found it :D I started reading/researching more and more, eventually when I read all I could find I started looking for suggested sites and LittleSpace Online was one on the list!

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