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Hello mummys, daddys, boys and girls! :)

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Hello mummys, daddys, boys and girls! :)

Postby luckiestdaddy » 1 year ago


Just found this site, new to the "scene", kind of fell into DDlg accidentally - separated 2 years ago from a very vanilla marriage, started exploring my sexuality and discovered I quite enjoy the Dom/sub dynamic. Was very lucky to have a 9 month relationship with a lovely young lady last year almost half my age who was quite sub but also quite enjoyed disney movie marathons, watching cartoons from her childhood, playing dress-up, and I naturally just assumed a nurturing / mentoring / parental role.

When that came to an end I found myself on Fetlife and read about DDlg for the first time - I must admit I'd never even heard of it before - but the more I read about it the more I realised that - unknowingly - we had started to explore that DDlg dynamic. And I also realised that it was that aspect of our relationship that I came to enjoy the most as I felt it brought out the best in me.

So I set about finding a new "little" - frankly not very hopefully - and then randomly came across the most amazing young lady on another dating web site who mentioned DDlg in her profile. We got chatting online, really clicked, and met just a few weeks ago but it's been a perfect fit. Unfortunately it's a bit of a long distance thing and we have only been able to meet a few times, but when we have it's just been amazing.

Both agreed to commit to an exclusive DDlg relationship (had fun creating our own contract and everything) and keen see where it takes us, so I'm interested in exploring and finding new fun things for us to do together and hopefully learn from the experiences of others.

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