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Postby littlefox » 8 months ago

Hi! I'm new here c: I just recently really accepted myself into this lifestyle and I've fallen in love! My favorite stuffy is a fox, but I call her Kitty! I tend to eat strawberries and cookies in little space, with my princess sippy cup and apple juice! I like watching cartoons and movies. My favorite cartoon is Gravity Falls, even though sometimes it can be a bit scary! I do not wear diapers, nor do I ever really plan/want to. I only have one paci, it was custom made and super cute (and I'm currently sucking on it right now!). I don't have a caregiver, Mommy, or Daddy. A select few people in my life know about me being a little. I tend to stay around 4 or 5 when I'm little. Something that ALWAYS gets me into little space is a bubblebath with apple juice and cartoons! I'm a sensual little, and would eventually like to be 24/7. I like coloring! Um... my favorite nickname would honestly probably be little fox.

I hope you're having a great day/night, thanks for reading! c: <3

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