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How to ask someone to be your daddy dom

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How to ask someone to be your daddy dom

Postby onlylittle » 1 year ago

Okay so how do I tell my boyfriend I am a little and I want him to be my daddy I'm scared he will freak out


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Re: How to ask someone to be your daddy dom

Postby LittleDerps » 1 year ago

Honestly I'm sort of in the same situation, and my boyfriend gets weirded out by the name "daddy".
I've just been sort of acting more and more childish around him, like showing him finished coloring in my Hello Kitty book, using my baby voice, and slowly migrating all of my plushies into our bed xD He likes when I act cute, I think it's just the stigma around people thinking it's about incest/child involvement. I might tell him one day, but for now I'll be happy with head pats and him not hiding all my stuffies :stuffie: I haven't gone completely into little space in front of him though ;-;

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Re: How to ask someone to be your daddy dom

Postby daddg2015 » 1 year ago

I would think honesty is the best thing. I know when I was younger, I would have appreciated a partner being honest about what they wanted. I would have loved it if my partner would have just asked. Of course I love the term Daddy but that's me. I used to call all my partners baby as a term of endearment.

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Re: How to ask someone to be your daddy dom

Postby PrinceSunny » 11 months ago

My little girl started out with talking to me about bdsm and seeing how i felt about it. once i got used to the idea, she first asked me if she could call me daddy, and I was a bit reluctant. she waited a week or so before explaining why she asked me, and she explained everything, made sure i had time to process, and she didnt force it. before i met her, i had no experience with anything bdsm or ddlg related. as a daddy, i would reccomend starting small, bring it up slowly and dont push the topic too much. hope that helps!

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