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When to tell someone you're a little?

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When to tell someone you're a little?

Postby chubbybunny » 2 years ago

Curious-when do you tell someone you're a little? Do you tell them? I'm dating around. I want a Daddy. I had one before and I'm a little. Do I ONLY look for people who ALREADY identify as a Daddy? Is that possible? I need some dating tips maybe? HELP

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Magnus supporty
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Re: When to tell someone you're a little?

Postby Magnus supporty » 2 years ago

Sorry i'm not sure. I'm still struggling to tell my gf what i'm into. Probably why i like the idea for this forum, safe place.

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Re: When to tell someone you're a little?

Postby dbg1919 » 1 year ago

I can relate to your post. When I met my husband I had already been in the BDSM scene for many years. I brought the topic up one night and shared with him my interests. He was very open minded and accepting. He asked a lot of questions and did some research. He realized that there were many aspects of BDSM he was into. We just took it from there. Now he is my Master/Daddy :) I found that when I hid the little part of me I would become very depressed and felt like I was lying to my partner and myself. I would suggest being open and honest about it. You can search for and date people who are established Daddies, but don''t discount those who are not. Your Daddy is out there, but he may not know it yet. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are. Also don't settle for someone who does not accept you entirely. Sorry this post was so long...Good Luck.

P.S. Look into munches in your area, these are great for meeting others in the lifestyle. Please be careful out there dating, there are some real creeps and I would hate for you to get hurt.
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Re: When to tell someone you're a little?

Postby devilslittlesister » 1 year ago

Absolutely it is possible to look for guys whoidentify themselves as a Daddy. They are out there, though you have to be careful, because many who identify with it may not actually 'get' what you want. I find it really good to get to know a person before meeting up.

In the vanilla world it is a bit different, when you meet someone in the store, you can't really start off with "I'm a little."

But you shouldn't have to hide who you are and what you need from your partner, otherwise you become unsatisfied and the relationship starts failing.

Honesty is important. Getting what you need is important.

My two cents. =)

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Re: When to tell someone you're a little?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I think you'll be surprised at how you address it with various types of people.

My Daddy and I met online. He would have said, at the time, that he was a very vanilla type of guy. While we were friends still somehow a strange discussion came up and I lightly explained to him that I was into roleplaying. That spurred questions and I tried to explain as clearly as I thought it would be understood. At first I said ageplay. Then I said Daddy and daughter ageplay. He understood and conversation trailed off.

When we actually became a couple he dove into it a little more. He searched around online, discovered the Ddlg term, and we kind of rolled into a relationship that included him being my Daddy. At first we just touched a little on it but he really enjoyed it and I have the very best Daddy ever.

I wouldn't worry about when to say it or what to say. I think, naturally, the conversation will present itself and you can move from there.

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