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How to make my DD/lg little feel little in public?

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How to make my DD/lg little feel little in public?

Postby SirDaddy » 1 year ago

My little and I will be going to the zoo this weekend with her parents. We are generally 24/7 DDlg and she always calls me Daddy when we are together. Her parents don't know this though and neither of us are comfortable coming out to her parents about our lifestyle and relationship dynamic.

I want the zoo to be something memorable for her though--something that we have a secret bond together while doing too. She is naturally very bubbly and adorable. I want to make sure she feels on top of the world at the zoo though.

What are some ways I can treat her like a little or make her feel little while in public? Small, nonsexual behaviors that I can do to make her feel special and like I'm still her Daddy even though we won't be using that name title while out and about.

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Re: How to make my DD/lg little feel little in public?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Talk about the visit before you two are in public with her folks. Call her on the phone, text her, or speak with her in person and let her know that, while she isn't going to be calling you Daddy, that you are absolutely there for her and that you are excited to get to see the zoo with her. Suggest that if she behaves and is a very good girl for you that she may be a treat after the trip. Don't tell her about the treat--let it be a surprise--and decide if you're willing to spent extra cash for a stuffed animal from the zoo, an ice cream trip after the zoo, special naughty time with her if she's sensual while in littlespace, or whatever else of a very special treat you can think of she'd enjoy.

Always hold her hand throughout the park. Prep her before getting together with her folks and let her know that she'll need to hold Daddy's hand through the park so she doesn't get lost.

Ask her at some point (maybe multiple points, depending on how long you're there) if she could use a little snack.

If you do stop for snacks, drinks, or lunch in the park then order for her and bring it to her. I mean, that's what Daddies are for, right? (and, no, you don't necessarily need to buy it for her if you two share costs--but you definitely should bring it to her!)

Ask her which zoo animal is her favorite before you actually get to the zoo. Get excited with her. It's acceptable to get excited around vanilla people over seeing animals at a zoo so all should be well unless you go WAY overboard with the excitement.

When Daddy and I went to the park I had a little cute backpack to carry our money and stuff in. If she has something like this (mine was like a stuffed animal backpack) then you could suggest she bring it to wear throughout the park. If she doesn't have something like this then maybe you'd consider putting it on a gift list for her--because, trust me, she'd love one!

Get ice cream on the way home. If you're with her folks then suggest you all grab the treat before heading back home. If you're driving solo with her then let her know that she was such a good girl in the park that she deserves an ice cream treat.

Whisper in her ear when you can. Whisper praise. Whisper love notes. "I love you, sweetheart." "I'm so proud of you for being good." "Smile big smiles for me, pretty girl." ...

Kiss her on her forehead. Not just at the zoo, of course, but throughout the zoo was particularly nice for me. It makes a person feel pretty little and cared about. It's also not too PDA if the relatives are against mushy kisses and stuff.

I really liked when my Daddy pointed out where the animals were hiding for me. If he spotted an animal in an exhibit that was hiding he would try to tell me where to see it. He's point and try to give me an idea of how he was seeing it. It just seemed extra caring that he was helping me find the animals instead of just being like, "Oh, I saw it, let's move on. You didn't get to see it? Ah, I barely saw it anyway and it wasn't major." That would've been a downer!

Pay attention and be aware of her limits. If you know she's getting tired then you make the suggestion for you to sit for a few moments. It's always been extremely nice when Daddy has suggested we take a moment because he suspects I'm getting tired. You could also throw in near the end, "I bet you're going to have such a good nap when we get home after this big adventure!" and laugh a little.

Buy her a little souvenir. It doesn't have to be expensive but something from the gift shop can be nice to bring up the memory for her. They have all sorts of goodies--including stuffed animals if you have the cash and desire to gift her one.


Re: How to make my DD/lg little feel little in public?

Postby MyDaddyMyWorld » 1 year ago

Always hold her hand, and swing arms a little, make choices for her, such as what animal to see next, or what to eat, if she likes you doing that, lean in and whisper things like "its the big cats next....keep hold of me!", ruffle her hair, tell her she looks pretty. Most things are not obvious to people looking in. Just normal relationship stuff, but more special to you two, as you already know she is your little and you are her daddy.

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Re: How to make my DD/lg little feel little in public?

Postby Looking4mydaddydom76 » 1 year ago

You guys sound wonderful....hope I can find a daddy like you.

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Re: How to make my DD/lg little feel little in public?

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

I really want to go to the zoo now!

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