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Choosing: Mommy Domme or Babygirl for MDlb or DDlg?

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Choosing: Mommy Domme or Babygirl for MDlb or DDlg?

Postby tay20 » 1 year ago

i want a mommy but i also want a babygirl to look after so i really dont know where to turn or how to manage this site at all to be honest... anyone care to help me figure stuff out?

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KillerCutie modly
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Re: looking but dont know what for ;(

Postby KillerCutie modly » 1 year ago

Don't worry, you're not alone - there are others who feel like they want to be both little and big, and therefore want someone who can be little and big for them. I guess some of them refer to themselves as a switch in this case, but maybe not all.

As for the site, Littlespace Online really isn't just for dating so I recommend reading up and exploring, and trying to make friends before anything else! You can probably even find some people who do switch roles to talk to you about how they handle that. The chat box is always a good place to start, just poke in ^U^
And this is always a good link to check out if you haven't already:

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