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Fun Weekend Activities ???

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Fun Weekend Activities ???

Postby Hia » 1 year ago

What are some fun things to do on the weekend? I don't really hang out with people cause they usually just judge me and so I basically just sit at home with my kitties and puppies and stuffies. What things can I do without getting judged?

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Rosetta supporty
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Re: Fun Weekend Activities ???

Postby Rosetta supporty » 1 year ago

Go to a spa! Well, a wellness. There's big ones (as in high quality) in Europe, but im sure if youre from the USA there must be a place to find them too in the same quality as europe. What you wanna make sure of is if you have any heart /blood pressure issues, if youre all good it shouldnt be a problem. Find a wellness where you have different things such as different sauna's (f.e. biosauna, etherical sauna, himalayan salt sauna,...) a steambath (hammam), warm pools etc. Usually you pay a ticket and then you get to stay in the wellness for as long as they are open that day.
Some sauna's are dressed (bikini), some are undressed and some are both. It's better to go to an undressed one, or if youre not sure to go to a mixed one because as soon as you feel what its like (you sweat in your bikini and its all kind of tight) you wanna take it off :P

Why I suggest this: Going to the sauna is all about the attitude of people. That's why it's important to find a good one (so try many different ones before you find one you can call "home"). Experienced and serious sauna-goers come there to relax, and meditate and foremost focus on their own body. So it will be silent there, and people wont pay much attention to others (whether naked or not!) so you get to be out socially but noone will judge you and you will still feel welcomed to (silently) focus on yourself with the others who want to do exactly that. It creates a beautiful, harmonizing, socially relaxing atmosphere.
Also why i suggest you go to a naked one is because generally the people who go naked is because they are experienced people and more serious about the purification of their body, you won't get disturbed much by them. (in my experience the dressed saunas are usually like a waterpark (Centerparks if you know) whereas the undressed ones are like a little grotto of relaxation with A LOT less people.

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