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Where to buy vanilla DDLG things?

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Where to buy vanilla DDLG things?

Postby chubbybunny » 1 year ago

I want to buy some more little / ddlg items but not sensual. I don't want kitten ears or plugs or paddles right now. I'm looking for littlespace items like:

Hello Kitty stuff
Coloring Books
Awesome crayons
Favorite stuffies
Good sippy cups

where do you get yours? What brands? Like, for sippy cups I stand in that aisle at the WalMart and I'm like omg there's SO MANY CHOICES!

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Re: Where to buy vanilla DDLG things?

Postby Babysofft » 1 year ago

Nuk is my favorite brand for anything, they also have a softer tip which is nice !
Tommy Tippee is also a great brand , I have some 7+ old ones that work well ! They're super cute!
Munchkin is a cheap cute brand and you can get hello kitty patterns and what not! They're plastic and such , one of my favorite brands! I'm not sure if you can get them from Walmart (you can get the other two though) but positive you can at Target !

The Dollar store or 99 cent store is wonderful for toys and Coloring books. That's where I get most of my coloring books from, I'm not sure about everywhere else but the stores we have here carry A LOT of Hello Kitty things ! (Same with Walmart)
Chapters (the bookstore) has super duper cute stuffies !

Also Walmart is your best bet for Walmart and Target !

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