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Should I come out as a little (DDLG) to my parents?

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Should I come out as a little (DDLG) to my parents?

Postby kittencunt » 1 year ago

I still live at home. Being a little is 24/7 to me. It's a part of who I am and what I am interested in doing, being, etc. I love Disney films and playing with toys. My parents kind of know, I think, because they have mentioned that I'm going to need to let go of some of my kid things soon. Should I kind of come out to them and tell them that this is actually how I want to live my life and what makes me feel happy and fulfilled?

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Re: Should I come out as a little (DDLG) to my parents?

Postby chubbybunny » 1 year ago

I can see why you'd want to tell your parents since you're living with them and you want to kind of indulge and stuff but I think it might be a bad decision.

If they misunderstand--and they probably will--then things might get super messy for you. It isn't like DDLG is well known by vanilla people and your parents might be vanilla. I don't know them though and I don't know how accepting of these types of things they are. You might just want to hold back for now, work towards moving out on your own, and then decide later in life if you even want to tell them about your interest.

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Re: Should I come out as a little (DDLG) to my parents?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I have to agree with ChubbyBunny. While it sounds like a wonderful thing to let everyone know about your primary lifestyle interest and feel free to enjoy those things, it may not be as accepted as you'd like it to be and could cause drama.

There's just too many misconceptions and misunderstands about this part of the BDSM community. It can be very difficult to explain to kink folks let alone vanilla people.

I'd say to just stick with keeping it to yourself for awhile. Once you move out on your own then you can better indulge and your parents will be none the wiser.

If you do decide to tell them then be prepared to hand off a great deal of informative resources to them so that they can learn and explore on their own. I think this site has a good amount of positive resources that make the lifestyle clear so it may be safe to hand them off certain pages from Littlespace Online. Educating the masses is the only way to get rid of the nasty misconceptions people have about it anyway.

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