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Long Distance Gift Ideas for DDlg

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Long Distance Gift Ideas for DDlg

Postby LittleMissSubmissive » 1 year ago

My Daddy's birthday is in one week. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do for him for his birthday in the way of a present? I'm not able to mail him anything. Craft type things are good, he likes to see what I make for him; but I don't have any good ideas for a craft type of present. I want something more special than a drawing or a card. Any ideas?
Stay lovely. Stay Little. <3

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Re: Long Distance Gift Ideas

Postby 1Little1 » 1 year ago

Hello :)
Do you do any knitting or crochet?
I know these things are hard for us littles, but sometimes we are excellent at these things!! :yay:
Have a look on Pinterest and you can make the most adorable little bears or animals in no time with very little yarn.
Than your Daddy can have a little bear for himself that can keep you company when he's away :gift:

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