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First Time On Here

Postby littlekittenerd » 8 months ago

Hi everyone, I am super nervous to be on here.
I am very new to the Little world, I tried to not give into my little side but more and more I feel I need to so here I am finally letting my lil side out

As for the questions from the Question Tag, I thought I should answer them too (Before you ask I don't know what my little age is, I been trying to figure that out)

  • What is your favorite stuffy's name?
    Nerdy-Chu (A Stuffed Pikchu with glasses)
  • What type of animal or doll is your favorite stuffy?
    Kitty Cats or Cute Anime Mascots
  • What is your favorite snack while in littlespace?
    Pocky Chocolate Sticks or Grapes
  • What is your favorite Disney movie?
    Lilo and Stitch
  • Which Disney princess, prince, or character is your favorite?
  • What is your favorite cartoon?
    Fairly Odd Parents (Before Season 10)
    Sam & Max (Cartoon)
  • Do you wear diapers?
    I have thought about it but get to nervous and don't
  • Do you use pacifiers (dummies, binkies, soothies)?
    Same as Diapers I want to but get nervous
  • Do you suck your thumb?
  • Do you have a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver?
  • Do people in real life know that you're little?
    I try my best to hide my little side in real life out of fear but there are times I kind of slip into little mode
  • Do you have a little age or age range?
    That I am not sure of, I don't know my little ager
  • When did you realize that you were a little?
    I only realized when I was 19-ishr
  • Are you a sensual or nonsexual little?
    I don't know, I've never been excited or sensually aroused when in little space so maybe? still trying to discover that
  • Are you (or do you want to be) a little 24/7?
    I would be in heaven as full time little but I know it wouldn't happen
  • Do you like coloring?
    Yes colored pencils and water paints
  • What is your favorite color?
    Neon Blue
  • What is your favorite little nickname to be called?
    Baby Kitten
  • What is your favorite bedtime story or fairytale?
    I love Good Night, Night Vale a fan made bedtime storry
  • Do you sleep with a nightlight?
    I do
  • Do you sleep with a stuffy?
    Yes I do

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