Georgia Little!

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Georgia Little!

Postby Islansadi » 8 months ago

Hello all!!

I live in Georgia. Ummm....not too sure what else to say here.

I have been a little since summer 2015. A friend recommended I look it up after a dream I had.

I have 2 Daddies.

One is my wife.....the other Daddy lives a bit of a distance from me in Texas.

Oh and my age regression is kinda all over the place. I used to consider myself a Middle with little tendencies but now I more align with a Little with middle tendencies.

So glad to be here!!

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Re: Georgia Little!

Postby IcanDance » 8 months ago

Hey! I'm from Georgia too! Nice to meet you :D
:MM: Want someone to talk to? I'd love a PM!

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