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punish or care-self destruction

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punish or care-self destruction

Postby elizabeth9713 » 1 year ago

This has always been a question of mine, because ive heard a lot of different stories.
In the situation of a little using self destructive behaviors such as self harm, drugs, drinking or eating disorders how do you handle it doms/daddys/masters?
Ive heard it range from
"My daddy caught my with fresh self harm and poured rubbing alcohol on them so they burned, then wrapped them and gave me a hard spanking"
"If you even touch your little when they are sad or upset or in that dark place then you are not a daddy dom"
to the typical
"I caught my princess drinking alcohol from her sippy and she couldn't walk the next day"

What do you guys think? Ive always been curious.

LatinDaddyDom supporty
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Re: punish or care-self destruction

Postby LatinDaddyDom supporty » 1 year ago

Hello elizabeth9713 and all readeres,
I had a brief experience with that issue.
I fell in love with a little that had experienced self hurt and self destruction.
To my sadness, that little girl and I are not together.
She is receiving professional attention she needs to battle her demons.
(My little Princess, Daddy loves you dearly and thinks of you every second of the day )

Back to the subject, my attitude towards her issues, were to always show her that I accept her as she is... because she had already enough negative feelings over her. She had no need for more guilt or blame or shame, no more judging.

She needed love...
Acceptance. ...
Care and guidance
And a little discipline

I named all that was needed in order of importance.

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Re: punish or care-self destruction

Postby masha » 1 year ago

Thank you for saying that. It would be scary to me to be yelled at if I was already hurt. I'm glad to know some Daddies feel that way too.

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Re: punish or care-self destruction

Postby Lil_Eevee » 10 months ago

I don't have much room to talk because myself am self-destructive but in my opinion I believe it really depends on the little as much as the caregiver. For instance say a little has a bad alcohol problem and their caregiver punishes them for it. Said little may see that as either them caring to the highest extreme or they could see it as adding to the problem.

In another example, the same little but instead of punish they get care. This could just as easily help the problem or it could make it worse since they get extra attention because of it.

Either way the most important aspect to either/or is communication. If punish is adding to the problem, the little needs to let their caregiver know. If care isn't helping to problem the caregiver needs to express this to the little and with together to find a solution to the problem.

I know this post is a bit older but I felt it was important to put in my 2¢ since I'm in a bit of a rut myself and want to help others try to help each other.
No matter what, just smile for them all

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