Introducing myself- abdl

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Introducing myself- abdl

Postby EmmaMeow » 8 months ago

Hi everyone! I just joined here and wanted to make an introduction. I hope it's ok to post here.

I'm emma.... I'm a little/adult baby. I'm 23 biologically, but my regressive age is 2. I like lots and lots of things: sippy cups, adventures, binkys, coloring, making pretty things, snuggles, weird animals, dinosaurs, spongebob, some video games, fun outings, and friends!

I like other stuffs tooooo, but i dont want to be boring! Anyway, hi!

*runs and hides*

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Re: Introducing myself- abdl

Postby purplebunny » 8 months ago

Hello Emma!

Welcome to the site, I'm excited to see you join us! :) what kind of pretty things can you make!? This sounds exciting!

Hope to see you around

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Re: Introducing myself- abdl

Postby IcanDance » 8 months ago

Hey there! And welcome to the site. I'm pretty new here myself, maybe we can be friends c:
:MM: Want someone to talk to? I'd love a PM!

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