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hi derrr

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hi derrr

Postby kawaii_princess » 1 year ago

Discovered this website just earlier today and using this forum post as an excuse to procrastinate but i just wanted to say hello n' all that. I am quite new to the community so I hope to continue exploring and finding things that i enjoy and what not. Since I am not really good at introductions, I'll just answer some of the tag questions :P i know, how original?

What is your favorite little nickname to be called?
- Princess or Little Girl

Do you sleep with a stuffy / What is your favorite stuffy's name?
- I do, yes. I have three stuffies and I really cannot pick a favourite. Their names are Mr. Giggles, Fluttershy (from MLP), and Lace

What is your favorite snack while in littlespace?
- Apple sauce

What is your favorite cartoon?
- My Little Pony

Do you wear diapers/Do you use pacifiers (dummies, binkies, soothies)?Do you use a sippy cup / Do you suck your thumb?
- I have some paci's and a MLP sippy cup :3

Do you like coloring?
- wuv it ;3

What is your favorite color?
- purple

Do you have a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver?
- Yupp ^.^

Do people in real life know that you're little?
- Like 2 people

Do you have a little age or age range?
- somewhere around 6-9

When did you realize that you were a little?
- Not too long ago

Are you (or do you want to be) a little 24/7?
- #goals

kawaii princess ;3

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