Hello there, my name is Sara..hi..

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Hello there, my name is Sara..hi..

Postby sweetstarrr » 8 months ago

Hi, um my name is Sara...I'm not sure if I'm a little or not..
Well I do love cartoons always have. Ive watch almost every Disney movie, all of the barbie movies (I'm keeping up with the new ones coming out hehe:) ), I like anime too. I like non cartoon shows as well. :) I love everything cute and sparkly, or Lolita. My friends would say if we walk into a clothing store the first things ill go for might either have lace or sparkle. I love to read, fantasy, romance, historical fiction and so on. I'm an artist of sorts. I love drawing everything but especially cartoons. I like to put a lot of imagination into my art, even my professor for still life art likes to remind me I'm in a still life class so I shouldn't change the skeleton were drawing to giving a peace sign (I imagined the fake skeleton to be a hippie of sorts in his past life) and then I decided to make his ribs turn into wings...because well why not! I got a bit carried away..but she found it amusing at least.
I would really love to pursue animation in the future :)
I get really nervous doing things alone. I'm clumsy and get lost easily. Just today I took the wrong bus twice. I get nervous in a crowd of people I don't know and sometimes just wish I could hold someones hand for reassurance. Luckily I have awesome friends who are amazing navigators haha. Any who..what else um..I can be veryyy hyper and get super excited about things I love. I'm a bit of a chatter box but I am a good listener too. I think that's good enough introduction..i hope..is it too long? I'm sorry..

So ya..Hi...

:fight: :D :stuffie:

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