Diapered Alice, the new infant in town.

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Diapered Alice, the new infant in town.

Postby DiaperedAlice » 8 months ago

Hello My name is Allison. i am new to the whole scene but I do know what I want and have thought about it thoroughly. I came out to my girlfriend about wanting to be diapered and being a baby because I never got that as a child growing up from a baby girl to now. I see this as some sort of therapy for me and I really hope that it is possible in the future. I love music, J RPG's, survival horror video games, horror movies and the like. I am a fulltime film student in college at the moment and hope to one day have my own film production company. Right now I am looking for work, cant seem to find any work anywhere near me and to make things harder, i don't have a care or a licence. Well I hope to make new friends and stuff and hope to hear from yall and can't wait to talk to more people out there.

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