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LITTLE JEWELRY! Blingy fun necklaces

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LITTLE JEWELRY! Blingy fun necklaces

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

Hey Guys,

There is a website I use all the time for online shopping and they have SUPER CUTE LITTLE JEWELRY!!!! I just bought a necklace that's a cuppicake with pink diamonds all over it and one that is a slice of cake. They also have blingy ice cream cones, Popsicle, lollipops, flowers, unicorns, all sorts of animals and they are $7 each!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh so excited :)
There is a bunbun hugging a carrot that is adorable and a small heart with a key hole in case anyone would like to be subtle on being "collared"

I don't know if the below link will work or not but it was the only one I could find.
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