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Not being a "typical" little and acceptance questions. Why?

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Not being a "typical" little and acceptance questions. Why?

Postby LittleSyn » 1 year ago

This is a half rant, half serious posting. The questions are meant to be thought provoking but if anyone can relate, or has answer, please feel free.

Why is it so hard to find other littles, that aren't like ....18? (no offense to those who are, as I said, this posting is half rant) I am 37 and have been a little for pretty much my entire was something I struggled with and all too often hid away for fear of rejection or judgement...that all changed a year ago when I opened up to my husband who has served as my Dom for many was a easy conversion for us both and I have been living as a little for almost a year now. Since coming out of the little closet as it were..I have been attempting to find both other littles as well as other DD's to talk to. I am not actively seeking a relationship, simply friendship. Like minds as it were...but oddly enough I am being greeted more often than not by one of two things....either all the littles are young enough to my daughter...(again, no problems, would just like to know I am not the only -older- little as it were) or worse still..I am being greeted with judgement. I find this most disturbing as as a whole don't all of us who live an alternative lifestyle simply seek acceptance? Whether is be a bdsm lifestyle, that you are part of the lgbt community or anything else that is considered to be out of the -norm- don't we all simply want to be able to be ourselves and not be judged by anyone? The funny thing is this, I am actually judged WORSE by the people in our community as it were. I have been told I am not a real little because I am too old...I have been told that my Daddy a real Daddy because he doesn't do every single thing for me, and often encourages me to make my own "big girl decisions" ..I dress like a goth...I talk like a hick ...I don't like bottles...I don't wear pink every second of every day..I don't own a single Kawaii name it and I have been picked apart for it..I can't be a little because I don't do this, or that or the other...I am wondering why I have to check off a list just to be me without someone calling me out for being fake or a poser....I don't understand it, I thought we were supposed to be a support group for each other, to be here for each other when the rest of the world scowled down at can we have so darn much judgement within our own groups? Surely I can't be the only one who has encountered this..much less be the only one upset by only question is this...WHY? Why is is such a big deal, why must my version of life be the same as yours to have it dignified? I am happy, you are happy? Shouldn't that be enough? Honestly, I just don't understand ....

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Re: Not being a "typical" little and acceptance questions. Why?

Postby Abi » 1 year ago

Hi Princess.

I'm a 48 year old "little" and I've not encountered any of this. Or maybe I should say I haven't encountered any of this yet ...

What I have encountered is people on AB/DL sites saying I don't belong with them because I'm not into diapers (my little age is sort of 5 - 8, and I wear big girl knickers not diapers) and yeah, I don't like that sort of judgment. The vanilla world has a big enough downer on us as it is, without us being unable to hang together.

I don't get judgmentalism at the best of times. Within our community it's unforgivable. We need to stick together and be fwends.

Well, that's what I think, anyway.
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Re: Not being a "typical" little and acceptance questions. Why?

Postby Denali19 » 1 year ago

Honestly I've met this as well but only when i was actively a slave and not a little. I had a few potential doms tell me that i was not a real shave because i would but do as they told me to. First of all, they were posers anyways. Second of all, i had told them that what they asked made me uncomfortable... So yeah. There is too many people who don't really understand this lifestyle and are not at liberty to tell you that you're "too old" because anyone with a basic understanding knows that a little is not how she/he dresses or acts.

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