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Feeling "more little"/ little at all

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Feeling "more little"/ little at all

Postby lizzybell » 1 year ago

Hiyo eseryone,

I is Lizzybell. I likes bein called Lizzy. I woveses my Kitty(Daddy), stuffies, paci, diapies, juice juice, and baba's. :D

But, :( , lately I've been having a hard time trying to feel "more little", or even to feel little at all.

Lately I've been dealing with some really stressful stuff (problems with my personal living arrangement, and also some minor financial problems), and it's had me farther away from little state than ever before - And usually those were a stretch to begin with. Before these problems sprang up, I would slip into little space on a rare occasion, but it didn't feel very deep or engrossing, I never did really lose myself into it (like I want to) and now I can't seem to find it at all. When I do reach little state nowadays, It seems to be so short lived - like 5 - 15 minutes before I get kicked back into the real world. :(

I has a wonderful Kitty(Daddy) that has been trying to help me find my little space by giving me drinks in my juice juice/baba, having me suck on my paci, giving me diapers/changies, and even bringing me my stuffies to interact with (my poor, yonly stuffies :( ). None of this has really helped me reach little state, even though I am usually the one requesting to be diapered and/or have my juice juice/paci.

So long story short, I really want to feel little again, and properly so. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to be little more often/stay little?

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Re: Feeling "more little"/ little at all

Postby pixie13 » 1 year ago

Yoga! I've been going to a very slow paced yoga once a week, and I come out of that class feeling like the world is a better place. You could color too, play your favorite music, eat ice cream, but most importantly get help with your stressful real life situation so you feel comfortable relaxing into little state.

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