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Postby KuroKitten » 8 months ago

Hi there... I'm actually really nervous about joining this community. I'm not entirely sure of what I should be considered as, but I do want to find out, so please correct me if I use any wrong terminology. Anyway~

I suppose for now you can call me kuro, or kitten, whichever you prefer. I draw, sometimes I write my own fantasy stories. I love and live music, and I have a strong affection for Japanese things. I'm a tad twisted up inside because I like a lot of spoopy things. I have a tendency to act in a 'yandere' fashion at times, but I also enjoy really cute things too! I love pandas, and foxes, and bunnies, and a lot of animals actually...
I think I'm stuck between two worlds, because I'm desperately trying to become an adult so that I feel like less of a burden to my family^^; on top of my strong desire to never grow up.

I have a few cats, but one who's my closest fluffy buddy~ My two best-plushy-pals :stuffie: are named Strawberry (a pink bunny) and Jed (a brown puppy) both from my childhood.
I'm not comfortable in my own skin most of the time, and I worry about upsetting others a lot more than I'd like to admit. My family history is a bit depressing, and I tend to blame the way I am on that detail. I think more than anything, I'd like to meet people who can make me feel accepted and I'm hoping that this is the community where I can at least kind of fit in.
Well, that's me in an awkward nutshell of thoughts off the top of my head! xoxo-KK

:MM: P.S. I love Batman, and this pleases me greatly~ <3 :MM:

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