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New Little Magical Girl

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New Little Magical Girl

Postby LittleMagicalGirl » 1 year ago

Helllooo hiii~ I joined a few days ago but haven't gotten around to typing up an introduction until now. But hi, hi hiiii. I just got off of work, I work third shift (11pm-7am) in an assisted living facility for memory care. So I'm a bit of a vampire in that sense that I work all night and sleep all day. xP
I'm 27 years old, but my little age is in the 5-9 range. Both in and out of little space, I enjoy anime, writing, reading, gaming, coloring, Hello Kitty, magical girls, Disney (movies and especially Princesses!).
I also have a kitten side, which is mostly just playful and fun.
I have a Daddy, but am always looking for friends, Littles and Bigs alike. ^-^

I like to write fanfiction (Harry Potter, mostly slash m/m pairings) and fantasy/romance/horror. I love to read, everything and anything really. I'm currently reading the last book in Lexi Blake's Masters and Mercenaries series, 'From Sanctum With Love' [ ... ercenaries] and well as Pagan Portals - Fairy Witchcraft: A Neopagan's Guide to the Celtic Fairy Faith. Yes, I am Wiccan, and I've been studying eclectic Wicca for about ten years now.
I'm a huge nerd, I love Harry Potter, I'm totally a Slytherin. [; I like MMORPGS, Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, and League of Legends [A Sweet Treat on NA server if anyone wants to add me!]

I feel like this was super long and maybe too long but uhm... hmn. x: Bother me anytime, I like talking to people, I'll attempt to visit the chat but I have some slight social issues so I might get too shy. :pacy:

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Re: New Little Magical Girl

Postby pixie13 » 1 year ago

Hi! I just joined today. I like princesses, anime, Pokemon, and Zelda too. I don't have any little friends yet. Can we keep in touch?

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