Two littles in a relationship and no Caregiver Dom?

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Two littles in a relationship and no Caregiver Dom?

Postby pixie13 » 11 months ago

In the past I have told my boyfriend I don't like having to make the decisions, sometimes paying for him, taking control in situations, etc. but he will make a big fuss until I do what he says to make him happy. We have an awesome plushie collection, video games, and animes. I have dolls. He has action figures. We haven't discussed either of us identifying as a little, we just both act like them, and equally need to be taken care of.

I've told him I wish he would do what he wants hundreds of times over the past few years... What I really mean is I wish he would be more dominant, but I don't want him to pretend for me. It's the whole personality that I'm attracted to, not just putting on an act once.

I think he is having the same kind of feelings I am because he keeps telling me to take control, be more confident, and do things without asking. And we both want the other one to initiate bedroom things.


He is my best friend. The bestest best friend I've ever had actually. Probably because we're so similar. What should I do?

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Re: Two littles in a relationship. What should I do?

Postby serioussir » 11 months ago

Well this is a big question. Is the mutual need to have a dominant big enough to end a romantic relationship? If yes, then that's it. Is this a desire that you guys could have fulfilled in bringing someone else in to play with who is dominant? Then that might work. Is it something you guys could switch on and off. You be the boss one week, he is the next? I would talk to him, be honest, and see what you you both think you need to make it work, and if this is something you can overcome.

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Re: Two littles in a relationship. What should I do?

Postby Prince0fCr1me » 8 months ago

little babying one another? i like the little on little concept. japan seems to as well, "onii/onee"

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