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ohmyglobidk supporty
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Postby ohmyglobidk supporty » 1 year ago

Hi! Please call me Aiden :)
  • I'm 18
Little space age?
  • I range from 4-6
Your gender?
  • I'm a boy! I just have "girl" parts
Your country?
  • USA
Your primary language?
  • English
Games you enjoy playing?
  • I like Neko Atsume and other games like that and Little Big Planet and board games, almost anything really
Favorite color(s)?
  • Red, Black, and White
Favorite Cartoons?
  • Adventure Time, Caillou, Dragon Tales, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil, and lots more
Favorite movies?
  • I have lots but I really love the Land Before Time Series, The Princess and the Frog, and Bambi
Favorite animals?
  • I like all animals, even bugs!
Little activities you enjoy?
  • I like coloring and arts and crafts and playing on the playground
General hobbies or strong interests you have?
  • When I'm not in little space I like to write and read more complex and longer books and watch grown up shows and movies sometimes
I like to talk to people too but I'm really shy and have lots of anxiety when it comes to that so I'm sorry in advance if I don't respond!

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