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Postby PrettyLilHippie » 1 year ago

I'm Caity. I like lots of stuff and love to make friends but I'm not very good at talking about it >.<

biological age 23
ageplay/play/regression age 4-6
gender i'm a girl, hairbows are very important
country USA
primary language English, and I'm learning French
Games you enjoy playing I love Pokemon, Mario Karts, and pretty much any board game or card game
cartoons Power Puff Girls, Sailor Moon, Doug, SpongeBob, The Simpsons, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
movies, anything Disney, especially The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Cinderella, and Lilo and Stitch
shows, Friends, It's Always Sunny, Parks and Rec, ummmmmmmmmmmm i dunno, funny stuff
animals, PANDAS also unicorns and doggies
Little activities you enjoy I love to color and have bubbly baths, I has stuffies that I play with, tea parties, and dress up :D
General hobbies or strong interests you have I love art (making and seeing) I love reading and spending time with my doggie, I also love yoga and I'm learning to play tennis

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