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New to all the ddlg stuff anything I need to know ?

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New to all the ddlg stuff anything I need to know ?

Postby ATL_dom » 1 year ago

Hi new to ddlg stuff is there anything important I need to know ?

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Re: New to all the ddlg stuff anything I need to know ?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

A lot. A whole lot.

Here are some random tips off of the top of my head:

Spend time reading through the site's helpful articles:

Don't call yourself "Daddy" to people you aren't actively in a relationship with--it's disrespectful.

Respect boundaries and limits. Just because someone becomes your little doesn't mean you get to take their rights as a human away.

Littles come in all shapes and sizes. If you prefer a certain physical type of person it's okay to say so but don't expect everyone fits your ideal mold just because that's what YOU prefer.

Don't mess with littles under the age of 18, even if it's tempting and they're eager. There are major legal issues you can face just by encouraging a minor to learn about sensual things.

DDLG isn't always sensual. Many littles are nonsexual when they are feeling little, and some are completely nonsexual otherwise too. Don't make assumptions that just because you THINK something it is true.

Get to know prospective partners on more than just one level. We're more than just littles. We're more than just twisty. We're more than just our username. Please show us respect and don't lead us on to think you're interest in something with us that you're not up for yet.

Interact in the community. Don't be hidden in the shadows the whole time. It's easy to lurk and creep but then nobody gets to know who you are and what you might have to offer as a Dom, a friend, a partner, or anything else.

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