Just another newbie little girl saying hello! ^__^

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Just another newbie little girl saying hello! ^__^

Postby UnicornTears » 8 months ago

Hey everyone!

I am very new to this site although I have been a little for about 5 years now, it was only until recent that I realised it was actually called that. My little ranges from the age of 2-8.

I'm 27 and I live in the UK, I live between Manchester and Nottingham and I am attending uni this year to become a physiotherapist.

The reason I joined this site is because I don't know of many people that understand what it is to be a little and live the little lifestyle, it is very frustrating for me at the moment as I only know one other little (that I don't speak to much) and I just want to make some friends and speak to like minded people.

I am in a relationship and I have been for 2 years but my boyfriend doesn't understand my little side, he gets part of it where I like to play, have stuffed animals, dress in pretty dresses but he does not understand the sensual side of things.


I think that is enough about me for now, if you want to speak to me, please feel free :)
I would love to get to know some like minded people!

Take care everyone! xoxox

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