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How do I know I am a little?

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How do I know I am a little?

Postby PrincesadeTodo » 11 months ago

I know this may sound like a silly question, but I just want to know if there guidelines or ways to figure if I am not a little and just share characteristics of a little?

I recently happened upon a ddlg blog and upon reading it felt as if I was meant to be a little. I have always had some of these traits (love for stuffies, love for cuddling, baby talk, pouting, tantrums..even now) I have always liked to call my significant other Daddy, but I know that isn't just the extent of it. I would like if there ways to tell if someone just isn't a little so that I do not claim something that I am not. If anyone could help me that would be great.

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Re: How do I know I am a little?

Postby Cutie » 11 months ago

You definitely sound like you have little in you!

I know someone who just likes being labelled a babygirl cus it sounds cute and calling her BF daddy considers herself a little....................
I mean if those people can call themselves little, you can too for SURE.

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