chilipepperino here, reporting for duty!

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chilipepperino here, reporting for duty!

Postby chilipepperino » 8 months ago



^ das cute.

ANYWHOOSLE. I'm chilipepperino Yes, I have a real person name but I'd really like to embrace my username here (and possibly get a sweet nickname out of it). I'm sort of a professional lazy cat right now, as I'm leaving college in a couple of months but have no clue where I'm going or what I'm gonna do, so instead I just purr all day under covers and look cute except for when I'm actually petted, and then I hiss and retreat. <--- anyone want a kitty?

I'm looking to make frienddddss (of all kinds) and meet cute boys: Image

I'm super excited to be part of an actual "big/little" community. I can already tell that this is gonna be great and I'm gonna be spending all my time here. XD

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