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My very own introduction

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My very own introduction

Postby AmonBisby » 1 year ago

Hey everybody!
I am AmonBisby (obviously not my real name) and i am now 20 years old, although i wouldnt mind being a lot younger. About 18-19 years younger in fact, as i would like to be a baby. I currently sleep with a pacifier every night. Unfortunatly thats about it right now. I cant use diapers because odds are my mom would find out then, and i dont want that to happen. Other then ABDL, my hobbies and interests include history, in fact i study it at the University, origami and magic, both the type from Hogwarts and Middle Earth and all that, as the type guys like Dynamo, David Blaine, Houdini and Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin practiced.

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