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Postby littlery » 1 year ago

Hi! My name is Chris, a shortname, but that's what you can call me on this site :')

I'm 21 years old and come from a small town in Sweden, where there mostly never happens anyting..

I can't say I am new to this, I have been interested in diapers as long as i can remember, I started buying them when I was around 15 years old and got a scooter that helped me so I could get away from my little town and buy them where no one else knew me. :oops:

Since then I have been on and off, sometimes I feel really babyish and want to wear diapees and pacis and sometimes I really don't feel anything about this, but most of the time I have a babyish feeling in my stomach and would love to just chill with someone else who has the same interests.. :D

I would love to meet other people who has the same interests as me, but I may be offline for quite a while sometimes since I don't always feel like discovering this side of myself unfortunately... I can be pretty insecure and anxious about myself which I am trying to get away from :cry:

I have never really talked to anyone else who had an interest in ab/dl before but I am getting more comfortoble with myself and would love to meet other people who has the same secret identity as me! :D

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