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Suuper new!

Postby Button » 8 months ago

Hello! You can call me Button.
I'm 22 and a little, I'm from the USA.

I have some anxiety, so I'm reaaally super shy when first talking to people.
Once I get to know someone though, I become kind of a brat. Haha.

Uhm, I'm super new in general to everything. I actually only found out what littles and everything else was maybe not even a year ago. It was actually a friend who helped me work through everything and help me understand a little more. He gave me a name to put to how I feel. I don't really feel a particular age, I just feel small and enjoy feeling tiny and cute. >//< Haha.

I'm still not too sure 100% of everything that goes on with the whole BDSM or DDLG lifestyle and stuff, as the friend and I lost contact when I moved. But I do know what I am, what I like, and I'd really like some friends who I can relate to and share things with. ^^;

I like pacis and coloring books, doodling, parks, stuffed animals, onesies, cartoons, anime, cats, fluffy blankets and very colorful clothing. My bf is very very good about supporting my cutesy little side, even if he himself doesn't really identify as a "Daddy".

I do have skype, and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new friends. :3
"Your heart's too big for your body, It's why you won't fit inside.
You pour it out, where everyone can see."

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